About Me

I’m a web and software developer, and I like to turn my hand to anything in front of me. I’m a PHP Team leader at Spindogs and I used to be Technical Director at Glue Digital Studio. My main focus of development is bespoke Wordpress plugins, themes and anything related. Some of the things I get up to at work incude:

  • Developing and delivering API integrations for PHP and WordPress sites.
  • Writing well-documented object-oriented PHP code that encourages reuse by the team.
  • Creating and maintaining bespoke themes and plugins for WordPress sites.
  • Designing and developing bespoke API endpoints, within the WordPress REST API system.
  • Maintaining and rewriting a bespoke PHP platform package for increasing our WordPress site’s stabilinotesty, security and the efficiency of our development team.
  • Developing bespoke e-commerce platforms, with integrations to third party services such as Sage
  • Implementing and customising WooCommerce installations, with bespoke feature plugins, custom themes and integrations with bespoke systems.
  • Using Javascript to create dynamic pages, with content returned from API calls.
  • Working with SQL in raw queries, and using frameworks such as Eloquent and WP_Query.
  • Coaching and supporting a team of developers grow their skills and meet their objectives
  • Supporting Project Managers and Business Development teams for technical guidance on quoting and supporting project lifecycles.
  • Debugging and maintaining PHP projects built in many frameworks, including bespoke PHP frameworks developed in house.
  • Developing systems that interact with complex data, such as data provided via third-party tools and services that run on device and output in raw formats.
  • Worked with templating languages such as Twig and Blade.
  • Use of node, webpack and other front-end compilation tools.
  • Creation and supporting deployment pipelines, including dependancy management and testing in the pipeline for deployment.
  • Managing and supporting migrations and deployments between servers.
  • Identifying and resolving technical issues relating to website performance and page-speed insights.
  • Supporting the team creating and running local development environments.
  • Contributing to strategy and planning decisions around infrastructure and resource management

Outside of PHP, I adore Swift, I like JavaScript, I love React.

I’ve recently had some fun with SwiftUI on a private little project, and enjoy developing beautiful user expereinces.

I make this site using Jekyll (why not wordpress?), and I’ve enjoyed Shopify development in the past.

So if you’re looking for someone like me, why not get in touch.

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A few things I've done, a few things I think about and a few things that have nowhere else to be.

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